Sweet Tea for Sophie | sweet tea for sophie
What a Sweet way to fund a cure for Neurofibromatosis. We need your help hosting Sweet Tea for Sophie Stand in every zip code and beyond
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Mission:  To Inspire Fun, Family, Charitable Acts that Involve Sharing a Glass of Sweet Tea to Raise Funds and Awareness to Cure Neurofibromatosis

Neurofibromatosis is a tumor causing genetic disorder that affects 1 in 3,000 people, including a little girl named Sophie.  Her big brothers wanted to find a way to raise funds and awareness for vital research being done by the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  They found that selling sweet tea for their baby sister was a perfect way to do just that. They concocted their own secret recipe and set up a table in our front yard.

Selling Sweet Tea for Sophie is one of their favorite things to do. And we love that they are learning to give of themselves to charity, especially one that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

The idea was started because this kid sister named Sophie, has NF and her brothers wanted to do something about it. The truth of the matter is, that there are so many amazing NF heroes, who deserve more.  Every bit of this effort is for each person dealing with the effects of NF in their lives. It’s Sweet Tea for Sophie, but it’s really just a sweet and fun way to try to fund a CURE for everyone with Neurofibromatosis.

Help Spread Sweet Tea for Sophie Around the World

NF is a global problem.  Our hope is to have someone host a Sweet Tea for Sophie stand in every State, Zipcode and Country.







Choose one of 3 easy ways to help END NF

Host a Stand

Spend a few fun hours with your family selling Sweet Tea for Sophie

Sweeten the Pot

Sponsor a zip code for only $100. Become an Official Sweetener, but you don't need to pay until someone hosts a stand in your zip!


Put a gallon of Sweet Tea in your break room with a note that says ``Please enjoy a Sweet Tea for Sophie! #SweetGallonChallenge`` Don't forget to post a pic with the hashtag!

A Cause Worthy of a Little Extra Sugar

Official Sweeteners

Contact us to Sweeten the Pot
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